Space is your most valuable asset, use it well

OpenSensors enables you to gather and analyse workspace utilisation and environmental information using sensors

Our customers

  • Hoare lea - Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineers UK
  • Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Arup - Management consulting services company
  • Workplace 360
  • Envoplan
  • Modus
  • Trip advisor

Plan the most effective workplace using utilisation sensors

Knowing if you have the right balance of desks, meeting rooms and breakout areas is critical for your organisation

Average desk occupancy

Average desk occupancy chart

Average meeting room occupancy

Average meeting room occupancy chart

Average occupancy per 100 square feet

Average occupancy per 100 square feet chart

Detailed information on each floor or area's performance

Floor 14


Avg. occupancy
per 100 sq.ft.

Floor 15


Avg. occupancy
per 100 sq.ft.

Floor 16


Avg. occupancy
per 100 sq.ft.

Floor 15

0.75 Peak occupancy per
100 square feet

48%Average desk

Average desk occupancy over time chart

32%Average meeting
room occupancy

Average desk occupancy over time chart
Average occupancy rate floor plan

Ensure your meeting rooms are right sized

Do you know if people complaining about lack of meeting rooms is due to needing more phone booths, smaller meeting rooms or over booking by individuals that don't show up?

Meeting rooms occupancy over time chart

Environmental factors greatly affect employees' productivity and satisfaction

Noise is the number one environmental factor impacting employees' happiness and better air quality can improve cognitive ability by 8-11%

Noise Level

Noise level over time chart

C02 Level

C02 level over time chart


Temperature over time chart

Noise level for floor 16

Noise level floor plan datavis

We set up and maintain your sensor network

At OpenSensors, we have teams of project managers and network engineers to make sure that your network is up and running smoothly.


3Low battery

500Sensors total

Network signal strength

Signal strength chart

Message frequency

Message frequency chart

Maintenance overview

15/09 Replaced batteries on 3 sensors
21/08 Replaced 2 non-active sensors
11/06 Restarted gateway on floor 14
09/05 Updated firmware on all sensors
network ops dashboard floorplan

You own your data

The data collected by the sensors is yours. You can use our data analytics tool to find the patterns or use our API to integrate with 3rd party tools.

Q: How can I download my data

We provide an API where you can download your data for your own use. You can read more about how to use our API here.

Q: Do you intergrate with other systems

Our policy is to offer intergrations with any existing systems you use, whether analytics, CAFM or space design tools

Q: How is the data used?

At OpenSensors our focus is on top level productivity improvements: looking at trends over hours and days and across groups and teams of people. We partner with the workplace community to improve workplace experience and productivity.

Q: Is technology 'watching' me?

We use sensors that do not identify individuals, but know that people are present.

Our desk sensors register occupancy as the presence of your body heat, by sending out a weak red light signal.

Our environmental sensors that sample general air quality: temperature, humidity and CO2 levels (these sensors can also register body heat presence).

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